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Lifeline is a home phone plan with unlimited local calling and gives monthly discounts to low-income households.

Cox App

Manage all your services through the Cox App, including your Cox TV connection, your home DVR, your Cox Telephone, and even pay your bill. The Cox App is convenience under your thumb.

Advanced 911 Service

The Advanced 911 service from Cox will cut emergency response times in half by immediately sending your address and phone number to first responders and emergency services in case of emergency.

Home Phone Cox

Calling Features

Readable Voice Mail

Don’t miss a thing, even when you’re not home. The readable voice mail is a feature that reads your voice message and sends you a written transcript of your voicemail message to your registered email address.

Call Forwarding

Reroute all your Cox landline phone calls to be forwarded to your cell phone or any other number of your choice so you do not miss a call. There is also an option to activate selective call forwarding that will only forward calls of certain numbers to your phone.

TV Caller ID

Don’t pause your TV to find out who’s calling! You can view the ID of the caller, the name and number of incoming callers, and your call history – right on your TV. The TV Caller ID works on your Cox Contour TV.

Cox Calling features

Added Features

Easily switch your number
Free call-blocking
International calling